Amazing Chart Maps Out The Most Disappointing TV Finales Of All Time, With The Math To Prove It

by 3 years ago
most disappointing tv finales of all time

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Sometimes people on the Internet do amazing things. Usually it is people with way more time on their hands that I have, which is what makes it so special.

Reddit user ChallengeResponse, aka MailPostman on IMGUR, is one of those people.

Not only did he painstakingly pull tons and tons of data from from IMDb showing how dozens of TV shows fan ratings for their final episode compared to the average fan rating for those shows, he put it all together in one glorious chart.

The longer the line in the chart means the further away each show’s final episode rated when compared to an average show. A red line means it fared worse, and a green line means it fared better.

Needless to say, you won’t be terribly surprised by many of the TV shows that fared the worst. Though there might be a few eyebrows raised when you look at the shows whose finales did far better than their average fan rating.

That’s right. Fuck you, Dexter.

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