The 31 Most Entertaining Celebrity Tweets This Week

best celebrity tweets

Rob Lowe, Twitter

Every week celebrities go on Twitter and speak their minds. Sometimes they’re funny, sometimes they’re thought-provoking, and sometimes we don’t know what they’re talking about. This list is all of that and more.

Strap in. It could get bumpy. These are the most entertaining celebrity tweets this week.

You gave it a good shot, Jim.

The more you know.

Thank God he said “footballs.”


Also accurate.

She has a point.

See Jim Gaffigan’s earlier tweet.

Chrissy is always the voice of reason.

No shit, Piers.

Stop shaking your head.

Leave it to Dr. Ruth to take it there.

You didn’t follow your own advice, John.

That’s pretty deep.

Seriously, when are we going to catch a break?

Just a self-inflicted flesh wound.

I always wonder that.

As one should.

Wonder if she has anyone particular in mind?

I know people like her.

Yeah, they’re so screwed.

Seems like a pretty harsh stance, but okay.

For men who have to go see it? Yes.

Solid advice.


There it is, finally a Super Bowl in the Southwest Heisenberg joke.

He ain’t lying.

Sounds like a plan.

I am so disappointed in you, Oakland.

No comment.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

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