In Honor Of Twitter’s 10th Birthday Jimmy Kimmel Shared ‘The Ten Most Important Celebrity Tweets Of All Time’

Yesterday was Twitter’s 10th birthday, and you probably knew this already because you saw some self-aggrandizing ‘thank you’ from a celebrity or social media guru on Twitter. Well, on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night they took a different approach and showed ‘The Ten Most Important Celebrity Tweets of All Time’, which of course was filled with not the most important tweets but instead it was more of a ranking the most ‘most inconsequential and nonsensical tweets in history’.

Watching Jimmy Kimmel‘s 10th anniversary tribute to Twitter I can’t help but think that Justin Bieber got snubbed. Not only did Donald Trump appear on this list twice when Justin Bieber was only on it once, but Bieber’s tweet about his dad clearly should’ve been #1:

Sadly, me and my deplorably small 7,983 followers on Twitter did not make this list. Even though I’ve been on Twitter for over 8 years, the lion’s share of the time that Twitter has existed in the world, I’ve yet to send out any tweets that were so good I could go down in late night TV history. Maybe Jimmy Kimmel thinks I tweet too much about FSU football and that my Game of Thrones recaps aren’t as good as I think they are (spoiler alert: they’re the best on the web).

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