The Most Thanked Person In Oscar History Is Not God, Or Harvey Weinstein



The 87th Academy Awards take place this Sunday, February 22nd, 2015. The Oscars are the biggest and most prestigious of all the Hollywood awards shows, and this year is expected to live up to the hype with some incredible actors and films nominated.

In addition to an ‘alright, alright, alright’ from Matthew McConaughey one thing we can expect to see from actors and directors receiving awards is the thanking of God, Harvey Weinstein, and the most thanked man in Oscar history: Steven Spielberg.

The team over at Vocativ ran the numbers to see who at The Oscars gets thanked the most, and the results are somewhat surprising as ‘God’ ranks only 6th on the list:

1. Steven Spielberg (42 times)
2. Harvey Weinstein (34 times)
3. James Cameron (28 times)
4. George Lucas (23 times)
5. Peter Jackson (22 times)
6. God (19 times)

via Vocativ’s analysis:

The final four slots on the list include two legendary directors, Francis Ford Coppola (tied for ninth with 16) and Martin Scorsese (tied for 10th with 15), who have 12 best director Oscar nominations between them. Tied for ninth with Coppola is producer Barrie Osborne, thanked largely for his work on the LOTR trilogy and The Matrix. The last man on our list is Saul Zaentz, who’s tied with Scorsese. Zaentz produced only nine films in his 31-year Hollywood career, but three of them (One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Amadeus and The English Patient) won best picture. He died in January 2014 and is the only non-living member of the honor roll.

And a few honorable mentions for the 10-Timers Club, those rarefied few who’ve been thanked at least 10 times but have yet to make the big list: Jeffrey Katzenberg (12), John Lasseter (11), Bob Fosse (11) Ridley Scott (11), Bob Zemeckis (10), Robert Redford (10), Tim Burton (10) and George Clooney (10).

So that settles it: Hollywood directors are more revered than God. The man who made 2005’s abomination ‘King Kong’ (Peter Jackson) gets thanked more than our Lord and Savior.

[EW via Vocativ]