Movie Trailers Suck Now

A trailer needs to do just two main things – tell them whether it’s their sort of film, and inform them when it will be released. It doesn’t require three minutes of footage, giving away pretty much the entire plot, for people to work out whether or not a film is for them.

The red band trailer for We’re the Millers, which came in at a whopping three minutes 20 seconds, is a prime example of how not to make a trailer. All the funny bits are given away, and pretty much the entire story along with them, leaving nothing for the audience to discover for themselves. There aren’t many people that would sit and watch an advert on TV for longer than a minute; maybe two if it’s really good. The same applies to film trailers.



Exactly! What should peak your interest about a movie is the people involved. Hearing that a specific director or actor is attached to a film is all they need to peak my interest. Three minutes trailers isn’t advertising, it’s SparkNotes. Now please get it together, Hollywood.

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