20 Movies Coming Out in 2018 That You Should Know About

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Jurassic 2
During Christmas or Thanksgiving, everything is closed. (Or at least it used to be before all this holiday shopping madness that has consumed Americans.)

The only places you will find open on every major holiday are either Chinese restaurants or movie theaters. Surprisingly, not many people realize that movie theaters are open just about every single day of the year, even during major holidays.

It’s because we love to go to the movies. That is the one place that will never disappear regardless of how well Netflix or Amazon are doing with their online streaming. The experience of going to the movie theaters is almost as much fun as the movie itself. It is the one place you can go to escape life and fully engulf yourself into a film.

And when the trailers start rolling, there always seems to be a movie or two you had no idea was coming out soon. Everyone knows about the Batman’s and the Marvel’s but they might not realize just how many amazing movies are already scheduled for release in 2018. (Yes it is two years from now but we wanted to make sure you knew about these films today.)

Here are the films you either heard about but didn’t know when it was coming out or movies you didn’t even realize were coming out soon.

Movies Coming Out in 2018

20. Peter Rabbit

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - NOVEMBER 20: "Peter Rabbit" at the Palmers Gardenworld and McGregors Horticulture's celebration of 100 years of Beatrix Potter's "Tale of Peter Rabbit" at this years Ellerslie Flower Show held at the Auckland Regional Botanic Gardens, Wednesday. (Photo by Michael Bradley/Getty Images)

Photo by Michael Bradley/Getty Images

  • Release Date:  March 23rd
  • Cast: Not Yet Announced
  • A Look Ahead: The incredibly popular children’s book is finally get a well deserved shot at the big time in 2018 when Sony Pictures will release the animated tale of Peter Rabbit and his family and for those of you who have read the books, the McGregors will also star.

19. Fifty Shades Freed

fiftyshades (pinterest)

  • Release Date: February 9th
  • Cast: Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson, Rita Ora, Luke Grimes, Arielle Kebbel
  • A Look Ahead: *Spoiler Alert* The second film is scheduled to come out in 2017. This is the third and final film in the erotic book series turned into a film franchise. This movie will follow the happy couple throughout life as a married couple following their wedding in the 2nd movie. (Like we said, Spoiler Alert!)

18. Jungle Book


Credit: Culture Club/Getty Images

  • Release Date: October 19th
  • Cast: Benedict Cumberbatch, Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett, Andy Serkis (Voice of Baloo)
  • A Look Ahead: No, this isn’t the Jon Favreau directed version, that comes out this year. This is a different version of the same tale about Mowgli and his best friend Baloo. This one is directed by Andy Serkis and sounds like it could be the best one yet. The cast alone is nearly perfect in every which way.

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