NBC’s Fall Lineup, Now With 100% More School Shooting Jokes

The National Broadcasting Company showed snippets of its new fall programs today for advertisers. One, The Mysteries of Laura with Debra Messing, played a clip mocking an elementary school massacre. You know, good guffaws all around.

Messing plays a homicide detective, and one scene shows her recoiling after rushing into a schoolroom where the walls and windows are smeared in bright red.

She says: “This is a depraved, unspeakable act.”

Then comes the scene’s punch line: her character’s two children, also covered in red, had gotten a little wild with paint during an art project.

Oh, so they and their classmates weren’t gunned down by a mentally unstable person? They were just fingerpainting? Gotcha. Har har.

Look, I earnestly believe you should be able to joke about anything. But … dude. No.

[Via Yahoo]