Charissa Thompson Is Co-Hosting A New Netflix Show Called ‘Ultimate Beastmaster’ And It Looks BADASS

Like the rest of the world, I love a badass obstacle course television show. It goes back from watching American Gladiator and Guts and Legends Of The Hidden Temple back in the day, followed by a healthy dose of MXC and Fear Factor in college. Now that American Ninja Warrior is all the rage, Netflix is jumping in the game with an obstacle course show of its own. It’s called Ultimate Beastmaster and it’s being produced by the biggest badass in cinema history, Sylvester Stallone. ere’s the basic gist of the show, which drops on Netflix February 24. via Streaming Observer:

The 10 episode series will showcase 108 competitors (18 from each country, with 2 per country each episode) taking on what’s being billed as one of the most physically demanding obstacle courses ever created. The course is contained inside the head of a giant robotic dinosaur creature named “The Beast.” At the completion of each hour long episode, one “Beastmaster” champion will be crowned, and will move on to the show’s finale where they’ll compete against each other for the title of “Ultimate Beastmaster.”

Wait, did I read that right? CAN WE JUST TALK FOR A SECOND ABOUT HOW THIS ENTIRE SHOW GOES DOWN IN A BADASS ROBOT DINOSAUR?! That’s the most badass thing I’ve ever heard. Basically, American Ninja Warrior on steroids, all taking place in a robot dinosaur. Maybe even a Sly Stallone appearance! AND, AND… Charissa Thompson of Fox Sports/EXTRA TV fame co-hosts. You know, her:

Personally, I like this YouTuber’s comparison:



If that’s the case, it will be a smashing success for Netflix just like pretty much everything else that they do.

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