New ‘Deadpool’ Clip Shatters The Fourth Wall Amidst A Supercharged Cat-Fight

Just when I was convinced that the ‘Deadpool’ marketing campaign couldn’t dish out any more profanity-laced bits of darkly-tinged, action-packed comedic gold before the movie hits theaters they toss us this: basically a fat adrenaline-charged cat fight between Gina Carano’s ‘Angel Dust’ and Brianna Hildebrand’s ‘Negasonic Teenage Warhead,’ while Colossus the 500lb pile of Russian high carbon steel limps around in the background. The clip’s timely dig on the younger generation’s helpless addiction to composing that last tweet, sending that crucial snapchat, etc. is on point.

Ryan Reynolds seems like he was born into this world to don Deadpool’s bright bleeding red super suit; and hell if the young stud’s stirring up a ruckus, and having a ball while he’s at it. From sappy spoofs like that whole Valentine’s Day romcom fakeout, to the more serious Cancer PSA; it’s encouraging to see Reynold’s spearhead an epic, occasionally meaningful movie marketing campaign.

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