New Key & Peele Clip ‘Alien Impostors’ Teases Season 4 Premiere


YouTube/Comedy Central

The season 4 premiere of Key & Peele is next week and to tease the premiere they’ve released ‘Alien Impostors,’ a clip that blends their perfect harmony or racial tension and comedy.

They’ve been known to go all in each season premiere, throwing the budget at SFW, and this year was no different. A post-apocalyptic alien invasion in which the aliens are shape shifters trying to blend in. The only problem: the aliens have no knowledge of American culture.

They burn through all the aliens pretty quickly, then shoot one valet who may not bode well for the upcoming season. As we’ve seen in the Liam Neesons skits in the past where K&P play valets, this man constantly shows up trying to get his car. Without that man, is there a Liam Neesons skit to come? With the season premiere next week I guess we’ll find out…

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