Jimmy Kimmel Absolutely Nails New York Vs. Los Angeles Stereotypes

There are few things as obnoxious and elitist than the New York vs. L.A. rivalry. Yes, we get it L.A. — You have wonderful Mexican food, a big gene pool of beautiful people, and perfect weather. On the other hand, people in L.A. are probably sick of New Yorkers smugly talking about how awesome 4AM closing time is, how delicious NYC pizza is, and how wonderful it is to have public transportation 24/7. People from both cities are equally intolerable.

After harassing the hell out of people in Hollywood, Jimmy Kimmel’s man-on-the-street segments have finally gone bi-coastal. Asking people in both cities, Kimmel NAILS the whole NYC vs. LA stereotype thing.

The winner? Chicago. No one picks on Chicago. There’s nothing to really make fun of there, except the Cubs. But even Cubs fans are kind of endearing. Chicago stereotypes are just too loveable to make fun of.

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