Nick Cannon Shows Off His Insane Sneaker Collection, Including A Pair Of Shoes Worth $2 Million

Nick Cannon invited Joe La Puma from Complex Mag into his closet to check out what might be the world’s most valuable sneaker collection. Amongst Nick Cannon‘s insane collection of rare Jordans, sneakers, and shoes is one pair worth $2 MILLION. He also another pair that looks like an exact clone of those shoes so he can wear them around town and not lose his diamonds.

The entire time I was watching this unexpectedly fascinating interview I found myself wondering why MTV (or Complex) haven’t launched this concept as a modern day Cribs yet. I’m far from obsessed with sneakers, and by that, I mean that I’d never wait in line for a pair but I still own more pairs of sneakers and shoes than I’d ever openly admit. With that said, I’d still watch the heck out of this concept if it was made into a regular TV show like Cribs with 3 celebs per episode.

In the past here on BroBible, I’ve made no attempts to hide the fact that I think Nick Cannon is a joke of a celebrity and someone who is famous for no reason whatsoever. But I’m putting my saltiness aside for this article because I genuinely enjoyed this look inside of Nick Cannon’s shoe closet. Which, for the record, is approximately 5x the size of my closet at home and 2x the size of my old apartment in SoHo.

[h/t Complex YouTube]