Nick Offerman Shaved Off His Legendary Mustache, Looks Like A Majestic Beet Farmer

It is well known that Nick Offerman’s lumberjackian power is derived from his thick mane.

You might not know this, but the character he plays on ‘Parks and Recrecation’, Ron Swanson, was actually conceived of by his beard. He’d eaten enough peyote to kill a small village and took off to hike the Appalachian Trail, when his own beard came to him in a vision, telling him that he should play the character Ron Swanson, because the world needed to rediscover the essence of manliness.

Thus the legend of Ron/Nick was introduced to the world, and for years now men everywhere have been growing it out as thick as possible to emulate the Über-Off. Well, it turns out that Nick has decided the time is ripe for a makeover, and he’s ditched a section of his iconic facial hair. Yes, ‘ol Nicolas has stricken his mustache off of his body in hopes of whipping the cities of Portland, Oregon and Brooklyn back into shape. To remind the legions of hipsters that it’s not just about facial hair, or style, that it’s about growing out something that’s an affirmation of your manliness.

Well, apparently the essence of Nick’s lies somewhere in the hills outside of Scranton, PA, and his spirit animal is Dwight Schrute of ‘The Office’. Yup, Nick looks like a goddamn beet farmer. Look for yourself:

Tip of the hat to UPROXX for bringing this to our attention.

Over the weekend I could sense a slight shift in the Universe’s balance, but I chalked it up to the 16 courses of steak I ate at Fogo de Chao, and my stomach’s inability to process that much meat in one meal. But no, it was Nick Offerman ridding himself of one of the most iconic mustaches ever grown.

Just look at him side-by-side with Mose Schrute (Dwight’s Cousin)…He looks like an aged beet farmer and nobody can deny it!

No word yet if this makeover will send shockwaves through the facial hair nation, but only time will tell….


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