Here’s The Only Reason To Ever Go On Facebook And I’ll Bet It’s The Only Reason You Still Have An Account

The Nightly Show unveiled an amazing new segment called “Ricky’s World” last night and this segment must run at least two times a week. I’m begging.

Comedian Ricky Velez explains the absolute ONLY reason any person should still have a Facebook account and it’s to check up on the assholes of your past and see how miserable they are today. Ricky hyper-focuses his reasoning¬†to just bullies but I say it’s good for bullies, exes, old bosses and just any old asshole from your past.

There’s nothing better than logging on each day to see just how fucking miserable they are and laughing about it for hour. Unless you’re the asshole Ricky is talking about. In that case, sorry about your dad.

[via Splitsider]