Your Official 2013 Golden Globe Awards Drinking Game

Take A Drink:

  • Every time Ben Affleck's Argo-beard is shown 
  • Every time someone speaks in a non-American accent 
  • Every time Tina Fey makes a “Parks and Recreation reference to her co-host
  • Every time Amy Poehler makes a “30 Rock” reference to her co-host 
  • Every time “torture” and Zero Dark Thirty are discussed 
  • Every time Louis CK is praised as being “on top of his game”
  • Every time Jennifer Lawrence is praised as being one of the hottest up and coming actresses

Two Drinks:

  • If the Philadelphia Eagles are discussed in conjunction with Silver Linings Playbook
  • (drink double with any mention of DeSean Jackson)
  • Every time “Django Unchained” is compared to other Tarantino Films 
  • At every mention of the Oscars 
  • If there is any forced reference to Ryan Gosling
  • Any time a nominee also appears in (or narrates) a commercial
  • Somebody is bleeped out

Three Drinks: 

  • If some sort of “Can you beleive Bryan Cranston was once the dad in Malcolm in the Middle?”- type statement is uttered. 
  • If Christoph Waltz speaks a language other than english 
  • Any mention of how old Tommy Lee Jones suddenly looks
  • If Chris Tucker is in attendance 
  • Whenever a clip of “Mad Men” is shown, and someone is drinking alcohol
  • With the occurance of any wardrobe malfunction
  • Every second anyone has to wait before clearly wanting to speak, but can't due to excessive clapping

Finish Your Drink: 

  • If Damian Lewis smiles 
  • If Claire Danes cries 
  • If Aaron Sorkin attempts to make a grandiose political statement 
  • If “Lena Dunham” and “voice of a generation” are mentioned in the same sentence 
  • If Aaaron Paul's incredibly hot fiancee becomes a trending topic on twitter

***Always remember to follow the trusty rules of responsibilty.