These Old Photos Of The Undertaker Before He Became The Lord Of Darkness Will Haunt Your Dreams


The Undertaker has done such a brilliant job perfecting his frightening character over his 25 year career (the WWE’s longest tenured in-ring performer), it’s difficult for me to believe he lives the life of a human being outside the wrestling arena. It’s easier to picture the Undertaker coming out of the womb donning his signature black open crown hat, eye shadow, and fu manchu than it is to imagine him as a screaming little bitch baby.

Does the Undertaker cut his lawn? File taxes? Giggle at cat videos on YouTube? This is normal people shit that is likely lost on the 6’10”, 305 pound Lord of Darkness.

But before the Undertaker polished his iconic mortician look and made me sleep with a night light growing up, he tried on a few different characters–The Commando, Cain the Undertaker, Mark Callous, Mean Mark, The Master of Pain, The Punisher Dice Morgan, and Texas Red.

The below photo is of the Undertaker pre-eye shadow days under his ring name Mean Mark Callous, likely derived from his birth name Mark Calaway.

He looks like a member of the Avery family.


Here is the Undertaker as The Punisher Dice Morgan. As our own JCamm so eloquently said, ‘His finishing move was his entire right arm up his opponent’s asshole.’ I can neither confirm nor deny this claim.

undertaker 2

No matter what character the Undertaker has claimed over the years, one truth remains: he’s more than capable of murdering us all in our sleep.

[h/t Unilad]