Olivia Munn Dropped Some Sexy Cleavage As Well As A Few Aaron Rodgers Stories On ‘Conan’

olivia munn conan aaron rodgers

Team Coco

Olivia Munn is in the new film Mortdecai with Johnny Depp so she’s currently making the talk show rounds and Tuesday night she dropped by Conan and of course the subject matter turned to her dating the very-disappointed-right-about-now Aaron Rodgers. In particular their discussion centered around how Munn had no idea that Rodgers played sports, let alone is a Super Bowl winning quarterback.

“When I met him I, um, I said so, so what do you do?” tells Munn, “He’s like, ‘Oh, I play football.’ I go, ‘Cool, what college?'” Oh, shot to the ego, right there.

She also talked about life in Green Bay, which by default involves a story about meat, and therefore brought Andy Richter into the mix.

Later Munn discussed her scene in the film Mortdecai in which Johnny Depp kept grabbing her boob. Yes, it was truly a fun night for all.