Olivia Munn Showed The World How Big Of A ‘Star Wars’ Nerd Aaron Rodgers Is IRL

"GPhoria Strikes Back" Comic Con Party Hosted By G4 and LUCASFILM

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If you’ve followed Olivia Munn’s career over the years, you know for a fact that she’s a huge nerd when it comes to Star Wars and pretty much all things geek culture. After all, she rose to fame on the G4 Network (RIP!) appealing to gamers and all things for nerrrrrrrrdddddddz. She once told Vanity Fair that “she’d do anything to be in the new Star Wars” and once walked the floor of Comic Con cosplaying as a HOT Princess Leia in a super skimpy bikni:

Her squeeze, Aaron Rodgers? He may be a jock with a great season in the books so far, but he’s just as much of a Star Wars fanboy. Today on the ‘gram, Munn dropped this wonderful pic of the couple decked out for The Force Awakens hype:

Who’s the bigger #StarWars fan…The one who bought this awesome shirt at @oldnavy or the one who already owned his own Obi-Wan Kenobi robe? 🙈

We’re right there with you, buddy. The Force is strong with these two.

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