Olivia Munn Was Looking FINE As Stephen Colbert Tried To Troll Her Mom With A Bogus Text

One of the big news stories this week was that Olivia Munn and Aaron Rodgers got engaged. Turns out that it wasn’t true, but that didn’t stop the Internet from having a whole bunch of fun with it.

Among those people having some fun with it was Stephen Colbert who had Munn on The Late Show and just had to bring the subject up.

As you may recall, Olivia cleared up the rumors of her engagement by posting some texts between her and her mom to Instagram in which she stated very clearly that she was not engaged…yet.

Colbert was having none of that though and told Aaron Rodgers that he needed to get engaged. “Aaron, are you watching? And I know that you are. Step up to the plate. I know that’s not your sport, but you understand the metaphor.”

Then later at some point Colbert manages to get hold of Munn’s phone and in true trolling fashion shoots off a fake congratulatory text to Olivia Munn’s mom on the engagement mortifying her in the process. Watch…