So Much Crazy Shit Happens In This ‘Parks And Recreation’ Trailer It’s Hard To Digest It All

Parks and Recreation is heading into it’s final season, and, the FUTURE.

For the seventh season, time skips ahead and it’s 2017. So much has changed in Pawnee it’s hard to keep track. Let’s examine.

So many questions arise from those thirty seconds. For example, drones all over or just certain parts of life? Did Ron Swanson get handsomer? Wasn’t Haverford really always a mogul? Is Andy’s TV show just about karate or does he delve into other topics? How has Jerry not killed himself yet? and the biggest question of all — god damn it where’s Jean-Ralphio?!?

All of these questions needs answers. I can’t wait until the January 13th debut.

[H/T: Splitsider]