People Are OUTRAGED That Netflix Dropped A ‘Spoiler’ About ‘Narcos’ Season 2 On Twitter


There, you’ve been properly warned.

So have you been watching Narcos on Netflix? Pretty good, huh? Have you made it to the end of season two? Because Netflix just went ahead and assumed that everyone who watched Narcos has finished season two when they announced there will a seasons three and four.

Why do I say that they assumed that? Because of this tweet they dropped which proceeded to piss a bunch of people off because it contains a spoiler for season two.

Now I hear many of you saying, dude, we all know that Pablo Escobar dies. That isn’t a really a spoiler.

Yeah, like that.

However, it kind of is. If you haven’t finished season two yet then you didn’t know that Pablo was going to eat it this season and not in seasons three or four. Kind of spoils the whole buildup to his death when you know it’s coming, huh?

So in a way, I understand all of these people’s gripes…

On the plus side, at least the story doesn’t end with Pablo Escobar’s death, right?

Just trying to find the silver lining here.

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