People Are Whining About Sore Legs From Playing ‘Pokemon GO’ Because That’s What Happens When You Don’t Move, Ever

My favorite thing about Pokemon GO is either the part where the servers are perpetually down or my game doesn’t load properly, leaving me with zero Pokemon and a completely blank map. I can’t even begin to describe the rewarding feeling I get from opening up the app, seeing that it’s not working and then trying again 10 minutes later like an idiot.

But as for the walking? Sarcasm aside, I dig that shit.

My one issue with jogging is that I’m not going anywhere, and Pokemon GO solves that problem wonderfully…when it works. And while I’m nowhere near as in shape as I’d like to be, it seems that some people are even worse off than I am, complaining that their legs are sore from playing the game too much:

This is what happens when you let yourself become a flabby piece of shit whose only exercise is walking from your bed to your fridge every day, and the fact that people are only getting up to go chase Pokemon around…goddamn you, humanity. Goddamn you all.

[H/T Gizmodo]