Philly Crowd Boos ‘Games Of Thrones’ Promotion Probably Because These Idiots Expected ACTUAL Dragons


Macall B. Polay/HBO

The latest pitstop on the Game of Thrones publicity tour took place in the lovely city of Philadelphia, where expectations for everything run ridiculously high while self-awareness and self-respect remain consistently extinct. It a wonderful mix; from a distance. A very healthy distance.

So what happened when the “Dance of Dragons” DVD promotion kicked off in Dilworth Park? A resounding, thunderous wave of boos, as you might have guessed.

Boo you, you stupid digitally created dragon!


Was this fascinating group expecting the actual HBO show to take place right there in Philly?

Are the Sixers that bad that they’re forcing everything in Philly to suck?

Is there simply nothing else to do in Philly?

Was this some sort of twisted way of Philly residents subliminally booing themselves?

So many questions. Zero answers.

No dragon! Oh, bless your little heart, Katie.