The First Photo for the Final Season of ‘Breaking Bad’ Has Surfaced. What Does It Mean?

Possible Meaning 1:

After discovering the notorious “WW” on the toilet, Hank alerts Heisenberg that he's got 3 hours to get the fuck out of his face before he launches a full-scale DEA assault. In a sudden burst of humanity, Heisenberg realizes he owes Jesse the decency of explaining they've been compromised. The picture is Walt expaining to Jesse that “we” have to leave. After a short period of total shock (pictured) Jesse devolves into a vintage Jesse sneer and counters “What do you mean, we?” 

Possible Meaning 2: 

Aaron Paul has just discovered that Ellie Goulding cannot perform at his wedding, and for some reason Ms. Goulding called upon Bryan Cranston to deliver the news. 



[H/T: Vulture]