This Photo Of Robert Downey, Jr. And Sarah Jessica Parker Is The Most 80’s Picture Ever Taken

robert downey jr 1980s


Robert Downey, Jr. is one of the coolest dudes on the planet, Sarah Jessica Parker is, well, Sarah Jessica Parker. But even Robert Downey, Jr. has done things I am sure he wishes he could take back and this photo of him with SJP from the 1980’s HAS to be on that list.

Where to even begin? The coat? The bowtie? The hair? The glasses? The teeth?! SOO much 80’s going on here, and yes, that is Jeff Goldblum in the background just to top it all off.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Robert Downey Jr, late 1980's

So much 80’s…

H/T Reddit; Robert Downey, Jr. image by s_bukley/Shutterstock