Someone Ranked Pixar Films Based On ‘Feels’ And This List Is All Wrong Except For #1

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Pixar movies usually do two things to viewers — 1) remind us that one day someone we love will die or 2) cry until they lose consciousness. They do this using fish, toys and old men with balloons.

The people at asked their employees to take a short quiz rating each Pixar movie from 1-5, with 5 being the most feels.

Here are the results.


There’s no disputing that Toy Story 3 is the saddest of the sad (it will make you cry every god damn time) but some of these others films, well, the ranking is just damn off.

  • Cars should be ranked 17 and 16 because, aside from Owen Wilson’s career, there’s nothing really sad about these films.
  • I didn’t see it YET but there’s no way Finding Dory can be sadder or more of an emotional roller coaster than Finding Nemo unless Nemo gets lost again. A kid fish losing (after his mom dies no less!) and being reunited with his dad has way more feels than an absent-minded adult fish finding anyone in her family. No debate.
  • Inside Out should be number 2. It’s sad and joyous on so many god damn levels it’s impossible to explain. Double bonus for also reminding adults “oh man, it does suck to be a kid, I should stop wishing I were young.”
  • Brave? Fuck Brave. Saddest part about that movie is that it was made into a movie.


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