Watch Two Pranksters In Dinosaur Costumes Scare The Dickens Out Of An Unsuspecting Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt’s got the world by the balls right now. I’d be willing to wager the $18.57 in my bank account that the words “I don’t like that Chris Pratt guy” have never been spoken. The dude just seems like a grounded bro. Endlessly likable. If I were to set up my ultimate bro beer pong game, I may recruit him to be on my squad. Maybe throw The Rock and Bro King Leo DiCaprio on the opposing team. Pratt, The Rock, DiCaprio and myself is an instant party. All four have that “it” factor. Especially that pathetic blogger with 95 Twitter followers. Don’t sleep on that dude. An absolute wild card.

Pratt must be riding high right now after starring in Jurassic World, a film that set a record for highest-grossing opening weekend in the United States, beating out the uber-succesful Avengers. He’s also married to smokeshow actress Anna Faris, and I’m married to the Top Rated section on PornHub. So basically, I am him and he is me.

So when two production dudes dressed up as eerily authentic dinosaurs in an attempt to scare the shit out of him as he walked down the corridor, you’d expect his reaction to be priceless. And it was.

Chris, let’s fucking party together sometime. First rounds on me.

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