President Obama Took Over ‘The Colbert Report’ And Delivered ‘The Word’ As Stephen Colbert

You may not agree with Barry O’s politics or policy’s or golf habit or baggy dad jeans, but the guy is willing to make fun of himself. I kind of respect that. Hell, you may not agree with that either since he’s the leader of the free world and, therefore, he should fucking act like it all the time. Last night, he took a break from acting like it and he went on The Colbert Report.

Initially, we all thought President Obama was just going to be a guest on the show, but when Stephen Colbert was about to deliver his infamous segment, “The Word,” Obama came on stage and insisted he take Colbert’s seat for this one. Then he proceeded to change the name to “The Decree” and deliver it in Colbert’s character. All in all, it wasn’t half bad. And that’s the best that you can hope anytime Obama is making jokes.

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