Quentin Tarantino Punishes People For Falling Asleep On Set And Punishment Involves A Giant Purple Dildo

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Quentin Tarantino is probably a fun but intense guy to work with. He’s one of the greatest directors of modern films, loves blood and gore, seems open to suggestions and gives off the vibe of being always one second from completely losing his mind.

Tarantino also seems like the kind of guy who’ll let his actors get away with a lot. Everything but sleeping.The Hateful Eight director was on Conan last night and explained exactly what happens if he catches an actor, or anyone, catching a snooze during shooting.

He whips out a giant purple dildo named “Big Jerry” and takes photos of the sleeping victim with it. Then he sometimes turns the photos into T-shirts. I want a Daryl Hannah with a giant purple dildo shirt. For fancy occasions.

While this prank is hilarious I’ve got one issue. For this to work, Tarantino must carry a giant purple dildo with him to every movie set, every day, on the off chance someone might nod off. So what’s more ridiculous — being in a picture with Big Jerry or carrying Big Jerry in a bag at all times?

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