Rachel McAdams Is Officially In For ‘True Detective’ Season Two, But Are Her Boobs?

With today’s announcement that Rachel McAdams will star in the upcoming season of HBO’s True Detective, the cast is officially set.

Or is it? Sure, Colin Farrell and Taylor Kitsch and Vince Vaughn and now McAdams are all on board, but whose boobs will play a prominent role?

Because if you do recall, long before the amazing tracking shot at the end of episode four left viewers breathless and turned everyone into believers, there was the sex scene in episode two that garnered a billion blog posts.

And sure, this season doesn’t need to recreate that, but what would True Detective be without some heavy-handed misogyny from its director? If the show is going to stay true to the formula that made it so successful, it’s gonna need boobs.

McAdams’ boobs? We don’t know. That part has not been cast.

I, for one, hope it will be hers. But I am open to others.