Randy Orton RKO’ing Everyone In The ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Trailer Is A MUST-WATCH

randy orton captain america

YouTube - Vidgeo

We’ve seen some pretty awesome videos created by putting WWE Superstar Randy Orton into various situations. Usually they involve him RKOing the hell out of someone, like Madonna.

But this video called Captain America: Civil WarKO, put together by Vidgeo, is in my opinion the greatest one ever made.

There is just SO MUCH win going on here.

First we have Orton going full Iron Man…

randy orton captain america 1

YouTube - Vidgeo

Then The Viper RKO dunks a basketball, shattering the backboard…

randy orton captain america 2

YouTube - Vidgeo

Next, the Apex Predator RKO’s Falcon off the damn helicarrier…

randy orton captain america 3

YouTube - Vidgeo

He even tries to RKO a jet…

randy orton captain america 4

YouTube - Vidgeo

And there’s so, so much more. There’s even an appearance by Shia LaBeouf and Cookie Monster, for some reason.

Anyway, just watch it and be amazed at the sheer amount of awesomeness…