Ranking The 19 Most Hated Characters In ‘Game Of Thrones’

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“I choose violence.” – Cersei Lannister

HBO’s award-winning drama, Game of Thrones, returns for a sixth season on April 24th. The shows creators have spent five seasons treading lightly between George R.R. Martin’s novels, A Song of Ice and Fire, and their own creative vision. But as George R.R. Martin continues to write the sixth installment in the series, the show has reached a point where David Benioff and D.B. Weiss can begin their own path.

If you haven’t realized this by now but you are about ten seconds away from spoilers galore. So if you haven’t seen the show or need to catch up to the finale from season 5, you better step away for now and come back another time.

For those not living under a rock, Jon Snow is dead. He is as dead as a non-living person, a doorstop, a rock, or any other cliche you can think of. The show’s most beloved and popular character, played by Kitt Harrington, was stabbed by the Night’s Watch for being a traitor. They were led by a man named Alliser Thorne.

Oh, how we hate this man.

Not only did he stab Jon Snow, he had the balls to do it first. His day will come.

So will all the other hated characters on the Game of Thrones. They will all have a date with destiny, eventually.

Here are the Game of Thrones television show’s most hated characters of all five seasons.

Pyat Pree (Season 2)

During Game of Thrones second season, we are introduced to another city, Qarth. It’s a trading city where those that live there seem to believe it is the greatest city ever. Pyat Pree was the spokesperson of the warlocks and also the creepiest character we have ever come across in the series. Death: Burned alive by Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons

Locke (Seasons 3, 4)

Before Jaime Lannister became the best one handed swordsman alive, he was being transported by Locke. In fact, it was Locke that cut off his hands in a shocking twist that would end up changing the entire course of the series. Death: Bran Stark broke his neck while he warged into Hodor.

Theon Greyjoy (All)

Theon Greyjoy is one of the most hated characters because he is the most annoying. He is a complete tool that had the chance to become a great King but he squandered it because he took everything way too personal. He lost the respect of just about anyone that was ever in life.

Olly (Seasons 4, 5)

Olly is such a sad character now. At first, you felt pity for the kid as his entire family was gone and he had nothing left but Jon Snow and the Night’s Watch. So we forgave him when he killed Ygritte because he thought he was saving Jon. But there is no saving him now, he used his friendship with Jon Snow to lure him into a mutiny leading to his death.

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