Ranking The Best Lines From Last Night’s South Park, Where We Finally Learn What ‘P.C.’ Actually Means

If I could put a ring on last night’s South Park episode and marry it, I would.  Trey Parker and Matt Stone do an incredible job satirizing single topic news subjects, but their real mastery lies in poking fun at the entire cultural climate of the present. Last night’s episode, titled “Sponsored Content”,  was like holding a mirror up to American society at the present and saying “Holy shit, have we all lost our fucking minds?”

And the answer is yes. Yes we have.

“Sponsored Content” had it all — A big ole fuck you to SJWs while making fun of the PC police, hot takes from Mr. Garrison about Syrian refugees, real-life conservative Caitlyn Jenner shitting on Hilary Clinton, jabs at college students who want “safe spaces” because they’re hate intellectual diversity,  how uncomfortable some people can be around handicap people, how overly PC people usually have an ulterior personal motive (…like the this season’s PC frat bros really just wanting to “crush puss”), and a tall drink of water about clickbait, online advertising, and the general state of Internet media.

*Deep breath* That’s a LOT.

Cartman was barely in the episode, though Nathan, Principal Victoria, and Leslie made their return, along with Bill Hader’s velvety voice as an ad man. The common consensus amongst fans is that the show is leading up to something big as a reveal, like the entire season being a long piece of sponsored content for the new South Park video game, The Fractured but Whole (and P.C. Principal is actually an ad blocker IRL this whole time).

It’s an episode of South Park that will be treasured by fans for a long time. Below are the best quotes. Check your microagression.

16. “You gonna break his legs PC Principal?” — Stan to PC Principal, who is referring to Jimmy, who walks with crutches.

15.  “S-s-Suck my dick, PC principal.” – Jimmy, while delivering the school paper on Thomas the Tank Engine

14. “Oh, are you u-u-uncomfortable around handicapped people? Don’t worry, lots of people are.” — Jimmy, to an uncomfortable PC Principal

13. “Somebody spot me, Bro!” — P.C.Principal

12.  “Everything past here is a Safe Space! No reporters, no harassment!” –P.C.Principal and his friends with an amazing dig at Mizzou protestors and college kids everywhere who whine about wanting “safes spaces”, usually out of political correctness

11. “Bro! That little kid wrote that our tolerant views and fight for social justice is just a way to crush puss!”

10. “Bro, we’re the victims now!” — P.C. Principal reacting to Stan’s newspaper story about “pussy crushing.”

“Yeah, we can get a lot more puss now!” — His P.C. frat Bro

9. “The average human can no longer tell the difference between the news and an ad.”

8. Sponsored content clickbait GONE MAD!!!!!!!! as seen below:


7 . “We need to show this kid that he’s just being an Uncle Able.” — The handicap equivalent to an Uncle Tom, a.k.a someone who is able-bodied.

6. “Hillary Clinton you got a dumpy butt and 7 chins. Syrian refugees are all terrorists.” — Mr. Garrison, a.k.a. Donald Trump.

5. “She looks like a donkey took a shit in her face.” — Caitlyn Jenner… Garrison/Jenner ’16

4. “Does she know she’s an ad?!”

3. “Ever since you joined this PC thing, all you’ve done is bully people.” — Sharon Marsh to Stan after getting mad at him for going to PC frat parties.

2. “‘He’ or ‘she’ is a gender-phobic bimorphic microagression, Sharon. You are a bigot.” — Stan Marsh

1. “I need affirmative consent. I need you to say ‘yes, you may take me upstairs and crush my pussy at this time.'”

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