A Rapper Whose Name You’ve Forgotten Gave His 7-Year-Old Son Two Rolexes That Cost More Than Your Car


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You’ll probably remember this rapper after I tell you his name but there’s really no guarantee here, as he hasn’t been relevant since the very early 2000s. A quick search of CelebrityNetWorth.com shows that he’s still worth over $20 million, so he’s clearly staying busy somehow, just not in the public eye. I’m talking of course about Fabolous, the 38-year-old rapper who just have his 7-year-old son two Rolex watches for Christmas…His son of course reacted in the only way a rapper’s son can react when gifted $34,000 worth of Rolex watches: by dabbing…

These kids wear crowns over here..Dab #PrinceJoso #YoungCorleone #TrueKingsRaiseNewKings

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via PageSix:

The “So Into You” rapper, 38, gifted his 7-year-old son, Johan, two watches totaling $34,000, reports Us Weekly.
Fabolous gave him a $21,500 26mm 18k yellow gold Presidential Rolex and a $12,500 26mm two-tone Datejust Rolex from New York City jeweler Rafaello & Co.
Johan flaunted one of the pricey timepieces on his dad’s Instagram on Saturday.
Johan got his room redecorated for Christmas as well. Fabolous, who also purchased two Rolexes for himself, turned it into a WWE ring complete with the bells and whistles.
Fabolous showed off the transformation, saying his son was “beyond happy.”
“We 3 matches in & I’m exhausted but his smiles are more than worth it!!”

I didn’t try to reach Fabolous for comment about spending an exorbitant amount of money on a gift for a child that’s too young to give a shit, but if I did I can only imagine he’d respond by sending me back this video and telling me to get the fuck off his lawn:

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