Reporter Shooing Off Aggressively Horny Stray Dog In The Boondocks Is A Top Shelf Shot Of Americana

This old bag of bones, reporter hombre for Good Morning Memphis on Fox 13 is just trying to pull off another Election 2016 analysis session from outta the fucking boondocks. Unfortunately he’s having a hardass time getting his job done with senior horndog nippin’ at his most intimate of parts. Gotta’ love the spontaneous moments of failure that’ll pop up now and again amidst live coverage. It’s as if reporters were put on this earth to suffer through the occasional whims of unpredictable chaos that’ll roll through during every other on-the-ground, live coverage segment. At one point he says, “I’ve got a dog that’s apparently taken a liking to me, and er—down, boy!”

Wow, right? Fortunately, the reporter Earle Farrell was a good ‘ol sport, and the dirtied down stray dog who for sure deserves a tender, loving, caring home after this stunt, had the stones to amble after what he wanted; and got a solid 15-seconds of fame.