Rihanna Definitely Isn’t Doing Cocaine In This Sketchy Instagram Video, According To Rihanna

by 5 years ago
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There are rumors of a Rihanna cocaine video leaking to the Internet this afternoon. Don’t believe the hype. The people saying Rihanna is doing cocaine in the video couldn’t be more wrong — She’s rolling a joint, guys.

Earlier today a video surfaced of Rihanna looking kinda, sorta like she might be getting zooted on some yayo to da face during a dance party with friends. She grabs her face in the video after being shown with a tube-looking object like a straw, which are two red flags that not-so-subtly imply COCAINE to many people.

The alleged Rihanna cocaine video was originally posted on Instagram and has since made it’s way to Twitter and Facebook. @fly.xhuksta here pretty much straight up calls BadgalRiRi a coke head:


That’s some accusation. But how dare you think the Rihanna cocaine video is real — that’s clearly a joint in her hands, as she points out in the Instagram comments:



Way to put them in their place. And for further proof that the Rihanna cocaine video isn’t legit, we present this:


Boom. Roasted. Never change. BadgalRiri.

[H/T: Complex]