Rihanna Sneaks Into Jimmy Kimmel’s Bedroom While He’s Sleeping, Throws Down Legendary Prank

by 5 years ago

Jimmy Kimmel is legendary for his pranks wars with John Krasinski and April Fools’ pranks, and apparently Rihanna is a huge admirer of the pranks he’s thrown down over the years. In an effort to turn the tables on him this year, with the assistance of his wife Rihanna snuck into Jimmy Kimmel‘s bedroom late at night while he was sleeping, jumped on his bed, recorded a music video, and pranked the ever-living-shit of the the prankster.

This is truly a situation where the student has become the teacher. In the one corner you’ve got an aspring prankster in Rihanna. A woman from Barbados who’s famous for ‘Pon de Replay’, nipple piercings, and being a very public stoner. Someone who has never thrown down an epic prank so good that it was shared all across the globe. And she drops an epic prank on the man who’s arguably the most famous prankster in Hollywood behind George Clooney.

Something like this would be expected from Jimmy Kimmel, but not ON Jimmy Kimmel, and for that Rihanna just shot up in my rankings of ‘people I never previously invested any thought in whatsoever but now think is kind of a funny person, or at least a person whose headlines I’ll click now, whereas I used to just completely ignore the shit out of them.‘ It’s a long name for a list, I know, but it’s my list dammit and I’ll name it whatever I want!

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