Video Footage Of Rihanna Raiding A Store Late Night For ‘Munchies’ Isn’t That Interesting Until She Strips Down To Her Bra

Here’s video of Rihanna raiding a New York Duane Reade location in search of munchies. We’re aware of her mission because she keeps yelling “munchies” and if she were in the military she’s be dead in an instance. “RECON! WE HERE FOR RECON!”

Original Video – More videos at TinyPic

This video is pretty much exactly how I imagine Rihanna lives her life. Forever searching for snacks after an evening of allegedly not doing drugs, hoping into a car, stripping down to a bra, and rocking out to one of her own songs on the radio.

It’s video is the most important video to hit the web since…never. No video has ever been more important than Rihanna in the Duane Reade. This is the most important fucking video ever. We’re going to tell our grandchildren where we were the moment we first watched Rihanna, wearing a top your mom bought off QVC, buy Cheetos and jump into a car to continue her owning of the world.

Jesus Christ I’m glad I woke up this morning. This video makes life worth living.

[via Gothamist]

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