Rob Lowe Shredded His Leg Apart While Surfing, Took A Pic Drenched In His Own Blood

Yesterday ABC ‘Afterschool Specials (1980)’ star Rob Lowe tore up his knee while surfing, and then shared some photos of the carnage on social media for the world to see.

Rob Lowe has been the man for an extremely long time, and it’s refreshing to see that he’s keeping it tight even though he turned 50 this year. What’s not refreshing is just how badly he ripped up his knee, to the point of needing stitches.

Am I the only one who can’t look at this without hearing Chris Traeger’s voice from ‘Parks and Recreation’…”I am literally going to die right now if I don’t get medical attention.”

So he’s cut up and losing blood rapidly, but he still has the time to stop and take a photo to share with his adoring fans before heading off for stitches & surgery. That Rob Lowe, such a gem: