Opening Scene Of ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ Is Enough To Whet Your Appetite Until This Film Drops

by 1 year ago

We are so damn close to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hitting theaters on December 16th, just nine days from now (and 9 days before Christmas). Fans of the extended Star Wars universe are beyond stoked for this canon film, and Rogue One is all but certain to test some box office records while fans flock to the theaters around Christmas.

The clip above is short, but we still get a glimpse at the breaking ground of the Death Star, or so we’re to believe. Rogue One is based on the Star Wars novel Catalyst (Purchase Today: $14.99), so we at least have a faint idea of what this film will be out and how it’s all going to play out on screen, though there’s almost certain to be some game-changing twists.

For whatever reason, Disney’s been keen on releasing short clips from Rogue One in recent days. So if you want to see some more footage from this film you can start by hitting play on the video below, and you can also click through to Disney’s YouTube channel to see the rest of the exclusive clips they’ve been dropping:

(h/t UPROXX)

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