The Rock And Kevin Hart Did A Full Interview Impersonating Each Other And It’s Pretty Much The Greatest Thing Ever

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Kevin Hart work really, really well on camera together. They know each other’s on-screen personas, senses of humor, how they’ll react to certain jokes. It’s the same reason that SNL has been so successful for decades: you take like-minded funny people and let them loose. That’s why this interview worked out so perfectly, because Kevin Hart and Dwayne ‘The Rock‘ Johnson know each other so well they can perfectly mimic each other.

On a typical day you would never find me blogging some content related to an upcoming movie’s press junket (in this case it’s for Central Intelligence, but this isn’t typical press junked content, the bros from The Lad Bible knocked it out of the goddamn park when they got Kevin Hart and The Rock to go on camera and impersonate each other for an entire interview. Already this clip’s up over 35 MILLION views on Facebook, and that’s as viral as things go in 2016. So major congrats to those bros for putting this clip together!

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(h/t UPROXX via TheLadBible Facebook)