10 Reasons You Should Watch Rosario Dawson In Real Life

This video shows what Rosario Dawson has been up to off-screen, in real life, and it confirms that she’s as solid as they come.

Rosario has a long list of credits under her bodacious belt and she also has no shame about doing dope sex scenes or nude scenes; she’s among the top 10 actresses to get nude in movies. And, if you haven’t seen that one animated gif of Dawson doing the hallway strut in Trance, well, you’ve already clicked that link and probably need a nap.

But, her bomb-assery extends beyond the parts she plays and reveals on-screen. Recently, she’s been in the news for #FeelingTheBern, popping up at Bernie Sanders campaign rallies and dookeying all over Hillary Clinton, then getting arrested. After watching her speak, Rosario is a hard person to say no to, but I can see the appeal of putting her in cuffs. How her character in Sin City wasn’t supreme ruler by the end of the first act is bananas.

I’d guess that 90% of celebrities get rich and are like peace out, community, I’m gonna dip my lambo in gold. You have to dap a celeb like Dawson who continues to give back. Don’t throw NFL players in my face, I’m pretty sure that’s part of their contract.

Anyone who takes one for the team to make out with Kevin James in a movie featuring talking animals has to be down for whatever. This is a woman who agreed to do Clerks 2 after she read there was a donkey sex scene. She’s also signed on for Clerks III.

Rosario’s also done a ton of voice work – Batgirl in The Lego Batman movie, Ratchet & Clank, and Wonder Women in the Justice League cartoon franchise. She needs to be on Waze or have her own alarm clock app like The Rock.

Dawson’s the designated nurse of the superheroes – having played Claire Temple in Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage. All recommended viewing. Not sure Rosario can top the superhero sex between Jones and Cage, but I’m willing to watch to find out.