This Guy Might Do The Best Matthew McConaughey Of All Time And That’s Not The Only Impression He Kills

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Ross Marquand impressions

YouTube - Vanity Fair

Ever heard of Ross Marquand? Until a few minutes ago I hadn’t. But thanks to this video put together by the folks over at Vanity Fair I won’t soon forget him.

Not only is his impression of Matthew McConaughey applying the 5 second rule one of the best McConaugheys I’ve ever heard he also does a ton more and they’re all pretty much dead-on.

And what makes them even better are the bizarre off-beat situations he puts each one of the people he’s impersonating in.

Check out the list of impressions he does in the video…

Justin Timberlake thinks a wave is for him.
Al Pacino misses a straw with his mouth.
George Clooney tries to get a word in.
Antonio Banderas forgets his password.
Kevin Spacey walks into the wrong table read.
Jason Statham gets a charlie horse.
Harrison Ford loses a sneeze.
Michael Caine tries to open a jar for someone.
James Gandolfini tries to get a hair out of his mouth.
Christian Bale tries to decline a call and accidentally answers.
Liam Neeson deals with an automated voice system.
Aaron Paul recognizes a smell.
Brad Pitt forgets what he’s about to say.
Marlon Brando describes gravity.
John C. Reilly uses a word he’s 70% sure what it means.

And last but not least…
Christopher Walken realizes he’s on the jumbotron.


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The Best Matthew McConaughey Impressions Of All Time
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