You’ll Never Believe The Shade Rupert Grint Is Throwing At His ‘Harry Potter’ Co-Star Emma Watson

Amidst an event at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Rupert Grint (in case you live in a cave without access to the real world he plays Ron Weasley) got too real too quick with a reporter from People when he started throwing shots of straight fire at Emma Watson.

Wtf Ron? This is Hermione Granger we’re talking about. The proverbial British female sex icon who cast a crazed fiendish lovespell on anyone who caught her in any of the Harry Potter flicks. It turns out that Rupert Grint and Emma Watson hold something of an aged childhood friendship with one another. During his interview when he wasn’t busy shamelessly bitching about the alleged perils of having to kiss onscreen (nut up or shut up Rupert) Grint revealed him and Emma Watson have known each other since they were nine years old, and share something of a brother-sister relationship.

Grint also went on to tell People magazine, “It just felt very surreal. I have a memory of her face getting closer and closer. Like, ‘Oh my God.’ I can’t really remember anything apart from that.”

“I never look back at that scene,” he adds.

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Never look back? Grint that shit is something best deposited in your lifetime spank bank.

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