Russell Brand Responds to YouTube Commenters Who Are Pissed About His Hate for Sean Hannity

by 4 years ago

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Last week I caused a BroBible commenting shitstorm by posting Russell Brand’s amusing takedown of Fox News master troll Sean Hannity. People said all sorts of silly things on Facebook, despite never offering a single political opinion in the post: “Pussy liberal,” “you’re as much a dick as he is,” “an absolute magnet for mouth-breathers.” One guy even enthusiastically exclaimed “Fox News is THE ONLY news!” which might make you scared for people who get information about the world from a news outlet that once tried to vilify Mr. Rodgers.

Because Russell Brand knows how to kick a beehive, he made a video humorously responding to petty YouTube trolls and their derpy keyboard outrage.

Heaven forbid someone offer their — gasp! — opinions on the Internet.

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