Russian Talent Show Contestant Breaks Her Face Attempting A Split On National Television, Judges Speechless

SoOoOo judges, whaddaya say? Does she move on to the next round? How many of the other contestants stabbed their own brains with their nose bones in their routine? It looks like, YEP, zero other brain stabs. This chick should be an automatic lock to advance. Any run-of-the-mill festival chick can dance around shoeless. Not all of them have the pedigree to shatter their face for it, though. Whatever it takes, kids.

Raise your hand if you’d like to be airlifted to the nearest hospital!!

Gotta love the interviewer chick’s face.

“I can offer no assistance in this particular situation. Unless you’d like to bleed into my microphone.”

nose bleed


When she say she’d be open to a threesome…

When one of your Facebook friends announces she’s pregnant…