Ryan Reynolds’ Foul-Mouthed Deadpool Mother’s Day Message Was Classic

deadpool mothers day twitter

Ryan Reynolds, Twitter

If you aren’t following Ryan Reynolds on Twitter you’re missing out on a whole lot of Deadpool movie goodness. Bro is just killing it on there, making everyone who is fired up about the movie even more so every time he tweets.

Nowhere was that more evident than on Mother’s Day on Sunday when he dropped his latest Deadpool gem on us…


Reynolds wasn’t the only person who plays a Marvel character doling out Mother’s Day greetings, however. Oh no. Jeremy Renner made damn sure everyone saw his well wishes to Scarlett Johansson on Mother’s Day after he got in trouble for calling her character Black Widow a slut and then kinda, sorta, not really apologizing for it.


Nice try, Renner. Nice try.

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