Scorsese and Dicaprio’s trailer for ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ is batshit insane.

I’ve been tracking this movie’s progress since I heard Scorsese would be tackling Jordan Belfort’s bestseller, “The Wolf of Wall Street”, chronicling his life that was filled to the brim with money, drugs and sex as a corrupt stockbroker in the mid-nineties. Something about living vicariously through that time period just fucking tickles me. I thoroughly enjoyed the Bro Bible article, “Hedge Funder’s New Book: ‘There’s an Ounce of Cocaine in Microwave and We Ordered Chinese Escorts’ which reminded me that this odyssey of excess was on its way.

Give Scorsese’s sure hand a script from Sopranos writer and Boardwalk Empire creator, Terrence Winter, DiCaprio in the lead chewing up the scenery, a gleefully unhinged Matthew McConaughey continuing his career turnaround, and Jonah Hill with a Brooklyn accent telling some chick she works for him because “you have my money taped to your boobs”, you get this delightful pandemonium. This breathless trailer also provides the added perk of a dolled up Emma Stone using her charms on Leo. I can’t do justice to this insanity. It’s like a melting pot of every aspect a BRO checks off when watching a trailer. This is my most anticipated movie of the year, hands down. Enjoy…

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