This Tattoo Artist Charges Celebs $1,000 Per Hour For His Time, But Is His Ink Really Worth That Much Money?

According to a recent feature on PageSix, Scott Campbell is a Brooklyn-based tattoo artist who gets paid $1,000 per hour to ink up some of the world’s most powerful celebrities. The husband of actress Lake Bell has inked up Sting, Courtney Love, Orlando Bloom, and a whole bunch of other notable celebrities.

Scott Campbell has 30,000+ followers on Instagram due to his famous clientele, and while some of his work is truly outstanding, after scrolling through his Instagram feed for quite a while I can’t help but wonder: ‘is this guy’s tattoo work really worth $1,000 per hour?’ That’s why I’ve cobbled together a collection of celebrity tattoo artist Scott Campbell’s tattoos from Instagram, and I’m tossing it to you bros to decide whether or not this guy’s work is really worth $1,000/hour. And I get that money is relative, and the celebrities dropping $1,000/hour can afford it, but that’s still A CRAZY SUM OF MONEY for any tattoo artist to be paid….That said, some of his tattoos are of the finest quality I’ve seen, anywhere.

Celebrity Tattoo Artist Scott Cambell’s Finest Work, According To Instagram

via PageSix:

“I enjoy the collaborative aspect of tattooing,” he explained, but declined to give specifics about individual clients’ requests. “Just give me a couple words or something about you I can respond to and interpret in my own way and I’ll design something.”
Campbell, 37, has seen the trend in body art over the past 10 years moving away from safe choices to “something specific and unique,” with no area off-limits. While Madden’s scalp tattoo may look uncomfortable, Campbell insists the most sensitive part of the body to ink falls a bit lower.

Here’s one he did for Kanye West:

Here he is working on Marc Jacobs:

Some of these I love, but there are a few of them where I’m torn between not knowing if I love them or hate them. All art is subjective, and that certainly holds true for body art. So now I’m curious if you bros think this dude’s work is worth $1,000/hour, answers down below in the comments.

For more on Scott Campbell you can check out his PageSix feature AND you can CLICK HERE to get to his website.