The Lord Has Returned! Scott Disick Spotted Hooking Up With Not One, But Two Bikini Babes In Miami

It’s been a long time since we’re been able to live vicariously through Scott Disick, but he’s back and in a big way it would seem.

After going pretty much radio silent for the past seven months plus, The Lord is finally again giving us life.

Apparently, as the story goes, Disick was down in Costa Rica for filming of Keeping Up With The Kardashians when he was booted out of the house for sneaking a chick with him down there.

Naturally, being Lord Disick, he took this unexpected free time to jet to Miami and make out with a couple of bikini babes that are not Kourtney.

Hard to believe, but yes, he left all of this behind, so to speak…

Now we don’t currently know who this blonde is…

But we do know who lady number two is…

She is 26-year-old Jessica Harris, aka J Lynne, a model from Philadelphia who recently moved to Florida, according to TMZ.

Also according to TMZ, she says it was supposedly just a one-day thing. Atta boy, Scotty.

Here’s a little better look at lady number two via her Instagram…

So good to have you back, Lord.

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